J’s Birthday

J’s actual birthday was when Nane and Dede were here. We did her party in between her birthday and SK’s since it was a joint party but it was fun to get to celebrate on her actual birthday with Nane and Dede too!

The beautiful 8 year old! Love your signature braids, J. You don’t go a day without them! You decided you wanted to be a ‘tom boy’ this summer and have temporarily  boycotted dresses. You are an awesome swimmer, runner and great at rhythmic gymnastics. You love it when the teach uses you for an example to the class and your splits are awesome! You are an incredible peace maker. You love both your brother and sister so well. Just the other day, you told me that you love being the middle child. You fill your role well and it is so encouraging to see you step into the things that God has ordained for you with such grace! Happy birthday!!

May 2015 103

J wanted to have a beach bonfire for her birthday. Sounds like a good idea to me! We also went to an afternoon movie and had dinner at our family’s favorite restaurant, Otto Burger!

J also LOVES matching clothes with me so I got her a matching shirt for her birthday. Matching mother daughter clothes are currently all the rave here. I know they aren’t so  popular in the states but I wear my shirt with pride! Who wouldn’t want to match this beautiful 8 year old?

June 2015 K iphone 106

Eating smores

May 2015 200

The campfire

May 2015 203

May 2015 208

The beach moon

May 2015 212

May God bless you as you grow!

May 2015 194


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