Nane and Dede’s Visit

Baba’s Mom and Dad came for a visit this May. We had such a great time with them. During the 2 weeks that they were here, Dede got to go to work with Baba. Nane and the kids and I shopped around town some. The kids continued their home school and preschool schedules so Nane got to take part in everyday life with them. It just happened to be SK’s turn to ‘bring your mom to preschool’ when they were here so Nane got to go too and we did a little picture presentation for the class on the differences between this country and SK’s home country. We took an extended weekend half way through their visit and went to a beach resort. It was much-needed rest before Justin’s partner left for the summer and long work hours began. No summer vacay for us, but we’ll make up for it in the fall!

When Nane and Dede first arrived, we went to a village breakfast. It was Mother’s Day and their first full day here with us. We wanted to celebrate and keep them awake on their most difficult jet lag day so village breakfast seemed like the perfect plan.

May 2015 057

May 2015 066

Happy to see grandkids!

May 2015 015

The weekend was the best part of the visit!!

alanya (2)

May 2015 116

The kids loved the beach and water slides!

May 2015 137

This was the all time favorite water slide.

May 2015 145

May 2015 132

May 2015 088

A park on the beach as part of the resort…great idea!

May 2015 123

May 2015 104

There was also a kids club area where kids could watch movies, do crafts, play at the park or ride carnival type rides. Awesome.

May 2015 147

May 2015 148

Each day, much to the delight of the kids, they folded our towels into a surprise.

May 2015 160

May 2015 159

Wanna come visit us?

May 2015 162

Thanks Nane and Dede for the visit and the encouragement you are to us when you come!


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