Bird Troubles

May 2015 003

Spring has turned to summer. We usually are awakened to the sounds of birds singing at dawn. This is what happens when you sleep with the windows open each night. I love the bird songs. When they are outside…

But, we’ve also had our share of bird drama this spring. This little guy made its way into our house. Unfortunately, I was just walking out the door and had planned on leaving the kids with a babysitter. We falsely assumed that the bird had flown back out of one of the many open windows on its own.

May 2015 004

Hours later, when I returned home, the bird was still in the house. God bless the babysitter! Baba had to come to the rescue. After a few lively attempts, he was able to catch the bird in a hand towel.

May 2015 007

May 2015 008

Unfortunately though, the failed attempts to escape, resulting in flying into the glass one too many times, left the bird stunned and helpless. So, Baba gently laid it on the second floor window sill, hoping that in time it would fly away.

May 2015 009

Concerned and curious, sweet J watched and waited. Her patience paid off and she got to see the little guy fly to freedom.

But, one month later, we weren’t so lucky.  A baby bird had attempted to fly out of its nest but landed on our balcony. His wings weren’t yet strong enough to fly over the balcony wall. Again, Baba came to the rescue. I let the bird flounder all day until Baba got home. Saving birds falls into the husband category in this house. Oh but the kids sat by the window and watched that little guy all afternoon, checking him periodically. Its mother would come feed it and coax it to fly. We prayed on more than one occasion for its successful delivery. Baba picked this one up with a paper towel, because I had gotten wiser and didn’t want to contaminate another hand towel with birdness. Everyone watched in anticipation as he gently threw it off the ledge.

Down down down to the patio below where it too lay stunned. For a second too long.

A cat darted across the yard and the bird was in his mouth before we could blink. National Geographic before our very eyes.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the very  next day, I was driving into our housing complex when I noticed a baby bird floundering on the ground. I tried to swerve but he fluttered right under the car and I smashed him. In front of all the kids. Two birds in two days. They cried the second time.

Hopefully there won’t be another chapter to our bird drama stories!


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