J and SK’s Birthdays

May 2015 214

This year, J and SK had a joint Frozen birthday party. I was thankful to do two parties at once! I made their cakes at home and then sent them to a bakery to be decorated. This isn’t possible in America due to health codes but is  convenient  here because I can have an American tasting cake but not have to spend the time decorating it. In hindsight, it wasn’t really worth it to cut this corner but live and learn, right?

May 2015 215


May 2015 217

We played ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

May 2015 234

May 2015 240

May 2015 238

There was also a third birthday girl celebrated that day. A friend’s party was scheduled to be outside that same morning but it rained and her party was canceled. Unfortunately, her mom couldn’t cancel the cake order! So, they brought their cake to J and SK’s party and we celebrated her too!
May 2015 244

J’s local best friend.

May 2015 246

SK with some of her friends.

May 2015 279

One by one, we sang to each birthday girl.

May 2015 261

May 2015 266

What a special day with special friends! Two of my neighbors helped with the food which was a tremendous blessing. I wanted to serve both American food and local food, a time consuming task!

May 2015 221

May 2015 223

May 2015 224

What a fun day with fun friends. Blessings over you, J and SK!


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