SK’s Preschool Show

This week was SK’s preschool show. It was somewhat like a dance recital with boys included. SK was so excited about her ‘belly button shower’ costume. Typically, belly button showing isn’t allowed in our family but we allowed it for the show.

June 2015 051

SK was such a great little Indian dancer, even telling the other girls what to do at one point in the dance.

June 2015 052

Her second number had a speaking part as well and she was a butterfly. She said her English lines…with a local accent. So cute!

June 2015 041

Dancing with the zebra.

June 2015 045

Afterwards, when all the kids were called on stage, she smiled and waved at us like a rock star!

June 2015 065

Two of our neighbors came to support SK. They also came last year. They are so kind and loving to our family- cooking when I am absent or ill, coming to birthdays or sharing a cup of coffee. I am thankful for them and the way the love us.

June 2015 075

Family pic with the star .

June 2015 074

Afterwards, like last year, we walked across the street to have ice cream with our neighbors. It was fun to celebrate together,

June 2015 078


June 2015 077

I know I’ve said it before but I’m so proud of SK for her perseverance in local school. She’s done a great job of going day after day and her language has continued to dramatically improve. Way to go SK. May God bless your experiences!


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