Snow Day!

February-April2015 002

One day, this spring, it snowed in our housing complex. We live in a set of about 50 duplexes. The picture above shows two that share a center wall. It hadn’t snowed this much in 30 years in this city and it was quite an event!

February-April2015 003

Ok. I realize, now that I’m posting the pictures, there REALLY wasn’t that much snow. But, at the time, it was such a big deal!

February-April2015 004

The kids were supposed to start their language class but of course, I let them run outside for a few minutes. As they ran down the driveway, Each home had a woman standing in the window with a smart phone, taking videos of the snow. It was a chain reaction. Each house wife, started to yell at my kids as they went by, “You’re going to get ill!” they declared! It is a common cultural belief that children get ill from being in the cold. We once had an elderly man yell at us, “You sinners!” because we were taking ouf kids sledding. We work hard to stay within cultural permaters so as to not draw extra attention to ouselves


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